About Us

Annu Chemicals Pvt. Limited, established in 1983 started as a chemical distribution company and soon took off to developing and manufacturing chemicals and polymers for various industries by 1995.

Starting from these humble beginnings and growing sustainably, by 2005 Annu Industries emerged as the first Indian PU system house for footwear. Expanding into different products the company started manufacturing polyurethanes for a wide variety of industries including; textile, playground flooring and packaging industry.

Annu Chemicals prides itself on it's enviable reputation for outstanding product quality and customer service. We continuously endeavour to improve and develop skills by adopting latest technology and maintaining our quality while maintaining a strong ethical code of ethics and care for the environment around us.

Annu Chemicals envisions to be among the leading players in polyurethane systems by meeting it's commitment to total satisfaction of it's clients. "A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all."